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--Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test lets doctors see pictures of your heart while you are resting and shortly after you have exercised. The test can give information about the size of the heart's chambers, how well the heart is pumping blood, and whether the heart has any damaged or dead muscle. Nuclear stress tests can also give doctors information about your arteries and whether they might be narrowed or blocked because of coronary artery disease.

--Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary function testing is one of the basic tools for evaluating a patient's respiratory status. In patients with suspected pulmonary disease, it is often the first diagnostic test employed in the work up. Pulmonary function tests are also used for pre-operative evaluation, managing patients with known pulmonary disease, and quantifying pulmonary disability.


Diabetes mellitus is chronic disease involving abnormalities in the body’s ability to use sugar. Diabetes is characterized by: Elevated blood sugars for months to years.
Both hereditary and environmental factors lead to its development and progression.
Often recognized in patients and their families by excessive urinations, thirst, weight, asthma and COPD care.

--Asthma and COPD Care

Evaluation and diagnosis of obstructive lung disease call for careful history taking to distinguish asthma from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A history of atopy and intermittent, reactive symptoms points toward a diagnosis of asthma, whereas smoking and advanced age are more indicative of COPD.

--Cholesterol and Triglyceride Management

Abnormally high triglyceride levels are associated with a number of diseases and conditions, such as cirrhosis (a disease of the liver), under active thyroid (hyperthyroidism), poorly controlled diabetes and pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).

The following services are provided at our office:

-Routine care
-Employment & School Physicals
-Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations
-Pap Smears
-Pregnancy Test
-Nuclear Stress Test
-Ultrasound & Echo Cardiogram & Doppler Tests
-Hypertension Management
-Minor Emergency Care
-Screening of Cancer
-Specialist and Hospital Care
-Bone Density Test for Osteoporosis Screening

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